What is Fluid Bed roasting?

Fluid (meaning free movement) bed roasting is the process in which green (raw) coffee beans are roasted by the movement of hot air. The beans are moved and roasted similarly to popcorn being popped in a hot-air popper.


 Why do we roast this way?

By roasting in this way, the beans never touch the surface of the roaster unlike more well-known drum roasters. This process allows for the chaff, or the casing on the bean that is expelled while roasting, to be separated by the airflow into a discard chamber as well as any beans that are broken or too small within the batch. Drum roasters leave all of these remnants within the roaster and thus, cooked into each batch along with the smoke released from beans or waste that has been burned on the bottom of the drum. This process leads to higher acidity levels as well as exposure to carcinogens to the consumers. The free movement of fluid bed roasting creates an evenly distributed heat that provides an easy to duplicate roast. Rather than discarding the chaffs removed from the roasting process, we utilize them as fertilizer for other projects.


Where are the beans from?

We work with specialty distributors to obtain the highest quality green beans from around the world to ensure that you will love our roasts.